A 2021 Wrap-Up: Reading, Blogging, Stats & Reflections

2021 was a rollercoaster of a year. I’m definitely glad to be done with it, but there’s also something nice about looking back at the past and reflecting. In this post, I’m going to be looking at my reading and blogging stats and setting some goals for 2022.

Number Of Books I Read: 121
Number of Re-Reads: 7


I’m pretty surprised that I read so much contemporary romance. Fantasy is second, which I’m not surprised about, and science fiction and dystopia are pretty similar in number. I also read more non fiction than I was expecting.

Age Group

Most of this is young adult, which is expected since basically all I read is YA. I didn’t read any new adult, but I’m assuming I will next year since I have a couple on my TBR. And I actually read more adult than middle grade which is surprising.


Most physical library books are hardcover books, so that’s why that section is so large. The majority of my reading was through Libby and my kindle since most libraries were closed. And I only listened to 1 audiobook this year, and I hope to listen to more next year.

Best Reads

I found so many amazing books this year. There were so many new releases, and I really expanded my reading to other genres. There’s 3 science fiction books, 3 thrillers and mysteries, and 2 contemporaries.

Worst Reads

I feel like even though I hated reading these, they helped me learn what I enjoy in books. I don’t like insta-love or girls who are not like the other girls. I love enemies to lovers, slow-burn, diversity, found family, strong male/female friendships, and casual feminism.

Note: I started my blog in February 2021, so these are just my stats for those 10 months.

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Favorite Posts

Most Viewed Posts

1. Read 100 books

2. Read at least 1 non fiction book a month

3. Post on blog once a week

4. Read more mysteries and thrillers

5. Experiment with different types of posts

6. Listen to more audiobooks

How was your 2021? What are some of your goals for 2022? Leave your thoughts on this post in the comments below!


34 thoughts on “A 2021 Wrap-Up: Reading, Blogging, Stats & Reflections”

  1. Ahh I loved this wrap-up so much, Ritz! I’m totally gonna take down your best reads and worst reads and add or remove them from my tbr, judging from this😂 but well, I’m just really looking forward to read Long Story Short and AGGGTM💃🏻💃🏻
    Your stats have been soo amazing and I hope they grow higher in this year✌🏻
    And I also hope that you complete all your 2022 goals! have a great yearr <33

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your graphs are so pretty haha I love them! and aah yeah I wanna listen to more audiobooks as well. I don’t listen to many because I can’t multitask and I hate just sitting there doing nothing aside from listening to the book, but I’ve found doing really simple tasks or things I find relaxing, like coloring, is a great thing to do while listening to audiobooks (I started coloring like a design coloring book, and it was actually really nice, idk).
    Ah, I really want to read Counting Down With You so it’s good to know that you enjoyed it so much! Have a great 2022!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you Phoenix! Ooh I definitely agree, listening to audiobooks can definitely be distracting if you’re doing something that actually needs attention, but I like listening to them if I’m doing laundry, or taking a walk or exercising or something like that.
      Ahhh I hope you enjoy Counting Down With You, it’s one of my favorites! Have a fantastic 2022!

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      1. Yeah, I’m the kind of person who literally cannot listen to anything while doing anything. I can’t even listen to music while doing homework or whatever, or like if I’m taking a test in school and other people are getting up or moving around me, I’m immediately distracted. ooh, doing laundry while listening to them is smart, those are good ideas!
        Yesss it sounds so good!!!

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  3. oohh yes cress! my favourite book out of the lunar chronicles for sure! and ahh yes I finally found someone who didn’t like the keeper of the lost cities! everyone seemed to love it, and I disliked so many things about it😕
    Great post ✨

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  4. yess i love all those graphs and numbers Ritz!!
    i quite enjoyed Renegades (have you read the entire trilogy? supernova was AMAZING) and AGGGTM,, but found Inheritance Games a little mediocre. Ahh i’m so happy to see the girls i’ve been on your list, my copy arrived just yesterday and i can’t wait to read it!!
    Aw i’m sorry you disliked KOTLC, it was pretty much my favourite series a couple years back… but it definitely has its issues.
    Have an awesome 2022💙

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  5. WOW, this post is full!! i LOVED the lunar chronicles so much and yes, kotlc is so overhyped. it’s very much a harry potter rip-off. i’m so sorry you didn’t like you’ve reached sam – i’ve heard it’s great, but there are a few mixed reviews. also, your graphics are so cute – how did you make them?! and here’s wishing you a great new year!!

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  6. I loved seeing your reading stats and reflections! 🥰 So happy to see that you loved Renegades, I adore the books and really need to read the final book this year 😊 Good luck with your 2022 goals! I’m also planning on reading more mystery and nonfiction 😄

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  7. Oooh yes I love a good girls guide to murder too! All the best with your 2022 goals! I also want to read more non fiction in 2022 and post more on the blog, at least once a week!

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  8. Everyone who’s read you’ve reached Sam either loves it or hates it …. I wonder what I might think of it when I get around to reading it. Actually I’ve never heard of KOTLC before I started blogging, and now I’m glad I didn’t read it (I come from the Percy Jackson pipeline lol)
    Your graphics are amazing!!

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  9. Okay, first of all, 72 posts in 10 months??? WOW THAT IS SO AMAZING I AM IN AWE!!
    And ahhh all of those graphs – THEY LOOK SO GORGEOUS AND THE COLOR SCHEME 😍😍 So glad to see The Girls I’ve been as one of your favorites, I cannot wait to read it! CONGRATS ON 121 BOOKS, THATS SO MANY!!! AAH AND SO MANY NON FICTION BOOKS TOO??!! I read like 3 in the entire year and THAT alone took so much effort 😅😅 Hope you find LOADS of new favorites in 2022 and I cannot wait to read all of your posts this year!

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