June 2021 Wrap-Up + Hiatus Announcement

Happy Pride Month, everyone! I had a good month, thankfully, after last month being bleh. This month, I read a lot more than last month, at 11 books. I definitely had more 2 and 3 star reads than I usually do, but I read a lot of books that I normally wouldn't have, so I'm… Continue reading June 2021 Wrap-Up + Hiatus Announcement

May 2021 Wrap-Up

I guess I didn't have that bad of a month, but it wasn't really great either. Like a lot of people, I had some exams this month so I was doing some studying, and didn't get to read as much as I wanted. So I read 6 books, which I'm not really proud of. But… Continue reading May 2021 Wrap-Up

January 2021 in Review

I am really proud of myself for January. I read so much and I am way ahead of my reading goal. Italic: Re-Read January 2021: 17 BooksAverage Rating: 4.6  Symptoms of Being Human Review ★★★★1/2- Percy Jackon's Greek Heroes ★★★★- Renegades (Renegades, #1) Review ★★★★★- Oath Taker (Oath Taker, #1) ★★★★- The Fault in our Stars ★★★★★- Our Stories,… Continue reading January 2021 in Review