Welcome Bookworms!

I’m Ritz (she/her) and welcome to my corner of the internet! As you probably have guessed, my name isn’t actually Ritz, it’s just what I go by online. I am a person of color (Indian american, specifically) so I love seeing diversity and representation in YA. I feel it’s important to represent different types of people, because that’s how we are in the real world. Some of my favorite things to do are reading, blogging, photography, taking long walks outside (I like walking by myself, but I’ll do it with others too), and baking. I’m not very good at these things by any chance (not including reading haha), but they’re just what I like to do for fun. Some of my favorite tropes EVER are; enemies to lovers, banter, female assassins, and morally grey characters. My favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi, though I do like a good contemporary romance.

Note: If you say anything harmful or rude, I will not hesitate to take your comment(s) down.

Well. Now that that’s done . . .

10 Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m a teen blogger.
  2. I have one sibling, a younger sister.
  3. I live in the United States.
  4. I’m technically a pisces, but it doesn’t fit my personality, and I think I’m more of an Aries.
  5. Ritz technically is a nickname.
  6. I’m a pretty short person.
  7. Unlike a lot of bookworms, I’m not really introverted. I’m more of an ambivert.
  8. I want to travel the world, especially Europe.
  9. I want to be an author someday.
  10. I don’t like pineapple on pizza.

✨ Dauntless ✨ Gryffinclaw ✨ Child of Athena ✨ Red Personality ✨ ESTP-A ✨ Newblood ✨

Once upon a time she saved herself. The end.

Pictures taken by yours truly!

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