Discussion: My Reading Tastes & How They Have Changed

I started out with reading Percy Jackson, and now I read everything from autobiographies to contemporary romances to high fantasy. My reading tastes have definitely changed as I’ve matured and I thought that it would be interesting to analyze my journey. So I broke out my good ol’ Goodreads review stats and wrote this post.

Middle Grade Fantasy (AKA Rick Riordon) Phase

By middle grade fantasy, I mean Percy Jackson and literally anything and everything by Rick Riordon. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Percy Jackson, but my tastes are a bit more mature at this point.

Recommendations From Friends Phase

This was a while after my Rick Riordon phase. As I’ve mentioned in my How did you become interested in reading? post, Children of Blood and Bone was recommended to me by a friend and I borrowed it from her and loved it. After that I just kept on asking for recommendations and she kept giving them.

Obsessed With Goodreads Phase

This was around the time I joined Goodreads. This whole 2 months, I was literally just reading books I found on Goodreads/popular books on Goodreads. I was also using the dreaded Goodreads recommendations page (gasp).

Random Books Phase

I was just reading random books that were available on my school’s library app. Other than the Percy Jackson book, most of these are unpopular ones that I didn’t even like that much.

2 Dimensional Romances Phase

I actually liked most of these when I first read them (and wrote some pretty cringy reviews), but as I look back I’m realizing that most of them weren’t that good. The plots were basic and the characters were plain.

Book Blogging Phase

This is from when I first joined the blogosphere and was shocked at how many book recommendations there were. This was also the point where I was like “Wow, diversity in books is a thing.” I basically just read a bunch of books popular in the book blogging community.

Nonfiction Phase

At this point, my parents were getting kind of annoyed with me spending so much time reading fiction and fan-girling over characters in books, so I decided to be a good girl and read some nonfiction. Honestly, I enjoyed it and I read a couple nonfiction books a month for a good while. Hopefully, I can get back into the habit.

Blog Tours & ARCs Phase

As I gained followers both on my blog and Goodreads, it suddenly became a thing that authors/publishers could send me eARCs and I’d post ARC reviews and blog tours. I went a little overboard but honestly, I was over the moon. It’s still so cool to me that publishers give me, a random bookloveron the internet, access to books before they’re even published.


Currently, I like everything. I read mostly contemporary/romance and fantasy. I still love sci-fi, but I don’t read it as often. Mystery is whenever I feel like it, and I rarely read non-fiction. And always young adult.

To give you an idea of what I usually read, these are the books I’ve read the past 2 months;

So I read 10 books in total, and 5 of them were contemporary romances, which is kind of surprising. I usually don’t realize how many I actually read. I also read 3 fantasies (all of which were about pirates and were enemies to lovers. I was just in a mood, I guess.) And finally, I read 2 mysteries, both of which I enjoyed.

How have your reading tastes changed? What’s something you used to love but don’t anymore? Leave your thoughts on this post in the comments below!


32 thoughts on “Discussion: My Reading Tastes & How They Have Changed”

  1. ahh, this post is everything – it’s so awesome because your reading tastes have developed so much from that first pjo series phase! mine is not very different but it def starts with my hp phase *hides*

    actually i only got back into reading last year this time with pjo, and from there spiralled into YA fantasies and now i’ve found my middle ground nearly a year later – just romance novels because those are my absolute faves! (also yes goodreads phase is everything 😉 great post!

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  2. Wow this was such an interesting post, Ritz!! I definitely started out with the Percy Jackson phase too haha, and yep I agree on the book blogging phase, it was such a huge shock and pleasant surprise of realising how many diverse books I’ve missed over the years! Thanks for sharing, great post as always! ❤

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  3. Ahh yes, this is too relatable! And haven’t we all gone through a Percy Jackson phase?? I think I’ve read all of rick Riordan’s books now lol. My reading has diversified a lot, because before I started blogging the only books that caught my attention (or were available in bookstores, lol) were either classics or overrated books by white authors, but now there are just so many diverse books to choose from!
    Great post as always!

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  4. I love how you reflected on your reading tastes and phases! 🥰 I also started out loving Percy Jackson and had a phase of adding all the books that were hyped/recommended to my TBR 😅 However, I also found some great books to love by joining the blogging community!

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  5. I feel like I’ve tried to change my reading tastes and read outside of YA contemporaries, which has always been my favorite genre, but honestly, I think YA in general is still my favorite.

    I thought this was a really cool post and enjoyed seeing how your involvement with the book community changed your reading habits.


  6. Ah this is such a fun post, it’s so lovely to see how your reading taste have changed over time! I also had that ARCs phase and that first starting book blogging phase, when you’re just reading everything that is popular and requesting WAY too many books because you’re just so excited, ahah 🙂 I love what you’re reading right now! I loved Today Tonight Tomorrow so much 🙂

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