Book Quiz: What Character Role Would I Play in a book?

These are so fun to do! I do Buzzfeed quizzes a lot, they’re a great way to pass time (or procrastinate). So here I am, at 10:31 PM, procrastinating writing a book report of a book I haven’t even read yet. Yay.

I found this quiz over at Riddhi’s blog. Go check out her post! And you can find the link to the quiz here.

Question #1

You know when someone asks you to describe yourself in 3 words? And you don’t want to say something that makes you sound arrogant or egotistical? So I texted a friend and sent the question to her, and she said “fierce, lol“, so that’s what I’m putting.

Question #2

Sci-fi, because I love action. My life is so boring.

Question #3

I use the laughing emoji all the time.

Question #4

I’m usually a mix of anger and sadness, but I’ll pick sadness.

Question #5

I would love to say ‘be the center of attention’ but that’s not me, so I’ll pick staying out of the spotlight.

Question #6

I am the type of person who’d wear pajamas to a wedding if I could. So I’m picking comfy.

Question #7

I had to search up what each symbol meant . . . okay, so I’m a Gryffindor.

Question #8

A couple. It’s just that I can’t imagine the character with anyone other than the love interest so . . . yeah.

Question #9

Work with a group, just because it’s less work for me.

Question #10

Isn’t the answer happiness? Whether happiness means friends or power or intelligence.


I mean, I think I’m interesting.

I tag . . .

And anyone else who wants to do it!

Do you often do these quizzes? Why or why not? Leave your thoughts on this post in the comments below!

23 thoughts on “Book Quiz: What Character Role Would I Play in a book?”

  1. *I am the type of person who’d wear pajamas to a wedding if I could* haha me to lol. Thanks for nominating me! I once fell down a rabbit hole of buzzfeed quizzes and it took a while to drag myself out of it😅😅

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