100 Follower Special: Reacting to your assumptions about me

I can’t say this enough; thank you guys so much! I actually hit 100 on May 1, exactly 3 months after I launched my blog. It has changed wildly since then and I really have made so many friends.

And yes, I hit this milestone almost 3 weeks ago, and never came around to posting this because ~procrastination~ but I hope you enjoy it!

Rania’s Assumptions

You’re athletic.

I wish. I did a lot of sports when I was younger but now my only exercise is walking and yoga, and sometimes running.

You have siblings.

I do! I have a younger sister.

You’re introverted.

Partially? I’m more ambiverted.

Phoenix’s Assumptions

You live in a city.

Nope, I live in the suburbs.

You like to write.

I do, but I’m not very good at it.

You’re a sports fan/your family is sports fan.

Not really. I mean, my dad sometimes watches sports and I’ll watch the superbowl, but I’m not a huge fan.

Maya’s Assumptions

You write fanfiction.

I don’t, though I’ve read it before.

You like tacos.

Yes! Tacos are so good.

You can pick a favourite book of all time.

That’s so hard! I don’t think I can.

Your fav colour is blue.

Nope, red.

You crush on fictional characters.

Doesn’t everyone?

Emily’s Assumptions

You like math (since you said you’re considering aerospace).

I like math, but science is my favorite subject.

You’re extroverted.

I’m an ambivert.

You don’t have an absolute favorite book genre.

I agree with this. I love both sci-fi and fantasy.

Jan’s Assumptions

You like to play chess.

I do, but I don’t play often.

You’re an over thinker.

I am.

You procrastinate a lot.

I do! Way too much.

You hate playing scrabble (wow these are totally random).

How do you know me so well? I hate scrabble.

Rachel’s Assumptions

You are a space geek


You like solving puzzles

I do. Unless it has like a thousand pieces which is when my impatience kicks in.

You hate traveling.

I love traveling!

You are a good swimmer.

I guess I am. But I haven’t been on swim team since 5th grade.

Alexa’s Assumptions

You like the beach.

I love the beach.

You play a sport.

I don’t, though I really wish I did.

You have plants in the room you are sitting in.

I do! It’s just 2 small flower pots at my window.

Evin’s Assumptions

You want to have a library when you’re older.

YES! I’d love a library.

You love to travel.

I do.

You love creating things (like DIYs and stuff).

I kind of do? I like doing challenging DIYs but sometimes I just quit haha.

26 thoughts on “100 Follower Special: Reacting to your assumptions about me”

  1. Congratsssssssssss Ritz!!!!! 😃😃😃😃 omg, how did I miss your assumptions post!?!!!!!!! Stupid wp reader 😑😅.
    And dude, loved to know more about ya. Here’s to many more followers sure to come…!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on hitting 100+ followers!! Here’s to hoping there are more and more zeros to be added in the future. It’s astonishing how many of these assumptions turned out to be true. It’s a great post, Ritz. Replying to assumptions is an amazing idea to know about a book blogger other than things related to books.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This was entertaining! It can be fun to hear what assumptions other people are making about us! I’ve had some people make assumptions about me on the blog, but I never really answered them. Gotta keep that aura of mystery–ha! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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