The Makeup Book Tag

Welcome back, everyone! Sorry about all these tags, but I've been tagged a lot and I always find tags fun to do. Today I will be doing the Makeup Book Tag. I don't like wearing makeup, or wearing anything fancy (I hate the term girly girl, as well as the word tomboy. They're saying that… Continue reading The Makeup Book Tag

How obsessed with books am I actually? Quiz

I didn't even know that these were a thing. How obsessed with books am I actually? Um, heck yes I'm doing this. Thanks to Riddhi @ Whispering Stories for tagging me! I also think my life revolves around books, which is probably why I have a book blog. Let's see if Buzzfeed agrees. Question #1 Unlike… Continue reading How obsessed with books am I actually? Quiz

Books to Read if You’re an Aries + Moodboard + Other

Hey guys! Welcome back! Today I'm back with a zodiac list, this one for Aries. I'm pretty proud of this list, especially the moodboard. And also, I have a poll at the bottom of this post and it'd be great if you could answer it. The Aries Zodiac Note: I got this information from Astrology… Continue reading Books to Read if You’re an Aries + Moodboard + Other