Blogger Interview With Ritz!

Thanks to Riddhi for interviewing me! I had a lot of fun 🙂

Whispering Stories

Hey everyone!! Today, on this last day of this series, one of the two people I am going to be interviewing is a relatively new blogger- Ritz over from Living, Loving and Reading. She has an awesome blog, so do head over there and give it a follow!

Let’s get started!

Me: Tell me something about yourself.

Ritz: I love to do photography. It’s so fun, and I’m not very good at it haha.

Me: Ooh, I like photography too! My sister actually has a camera, and I know the basics of operating it. So, why did you start blogging?

Ritz: 2020 summer, I think was when I got into reading. After a couple of months, I felt like I should find a way to express my thoughts in better ways than just reviewing. I had seen bookblogs before but hadn’t realized thatIcould make one. So I…

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