What makes me follow other book blogs?

I’m still a newbie blogger, so I can’t act as if I’ve got this all figured out. I’m not the type of person to come to for advice when it comes to blogging. I’m still finding out new things as I go.

But it’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

What really does make me follow other blogs? I myself only follow a blog if I really, really like the blog. I thought this would just be an interesting post, but I think it could also be used for advice for other bloggers.

Let’s get to it;

The blog has to be visually pleasing. Obviously, if a blog’s heading font looks a little strange, but I love the content, I’m still going to follow the blog. But I’m not talking about the minor details. I’m talking about wacky fonts that I can barely read, bright colors on brighter colors. AKA no thought going into the visual aspect of blogging whatsoever. But sometimes, it may not even be the big problems. It could just be that the blogger has a really boring page.

Don’t call me shallow, it’s a valid reason.

I may sound a harsh, but let’s be real— I have to like how a blog looks if I am to follow it. A nicely designed blog shows that the blogger is thinking about their readers and . . . well, knows what they’re doing.

The blogger themself interacting with commenters and followers. I think this is really important. I obviously understand that if you have hundreds and hundreds of followers, it can be hard to reply to everyone, but you should at least try. I think it shows real understanding when you see a huge blogger engage in a real conversation with a newer one. As for new bloggers like me, we should be grateful for the people who take the time to read our posts, and then comment on them. I love interacting with the few people who actually like my posts, and I think most bloggers do.

The blogger is really friendly. This relates to my previous reason, but you can’t help but like nice people. I know people who think I can be brutally honest in real life but online I sound . . . nice? I think the fact that I sound friendlier online is a reason why people actually follow me. And I love sweet book bloggers! Especially ones who help newbies.

Here’s a really important one; I have to like the blog’s content. This is super important. And there has to be a good balance and mix of posts. I don’t like seeing only memes, or only book lists. It’s so much more interesting reading a variety of posts. I would set up a schedule. For example, if you want to post 3 times a week, you could do something like this;

Tuesday: Blog Series Post

Friday: Book List/Discussion Post

Sunday: Book Review

Obviously, you can change it up as you’d like, but I think it’s better if you stick to one schedule. I myself am trying to stick to this schedule, but I sometimes change up the posts I’m doing. Like instead of a book list I do a weekly meme. Instead of a discussion post, a book tag. That sort of thing.

That’s it for today’s post! What do you think? What’s important in a blog for you to follow it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


20 thoughts on “What makes me follow other book blogs?”

  1. I totally agree with you on everything you said! Of course, the blog content is a big reason of why I follow a blog but the “aesthetic”/the look of the blog plays a huge role too! Great post as always, Ritz 😀💖

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  2. I agree with everything you said! Obviously, blog content is why I follow blogs, but graphics and design are also a big part. And yes, I think interaction plays a huge part of whether I follow them as well. Thanks for sharing, Ritz!

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  3. Aaah, nice post! Yeah, I mean content is the main part of it, but it’s more than just content, it’s blogging voice. How someone writes something, what their voice sounds like and also how good they are at writing those posts is mainly why I like a blog. Also, posting consistently–I’m not gonna follow someone who posts like once every two months or posts once, doesn’t for two months and then puts out like a post a day. I follow people who don’t write only book reviews–or only one type of post in general–because that’s not as interesting to me.
    But also, I’ll usually just follow someone if they interact with me a lot in the comments on my blog because otherwise I feel really bad. Like if this person is taking their time to read my posts AND write these comments and interact with me like every post or every few posts, then I feel bad not reading THEIR content and such.

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    1. Yes, good point. I should have put having a consistent posting schedule on here. Because, maybe this is just me, I get annoyed when someone posts only once a month, or once a day. And yeah, if this person reads and comments on my posts I’ll probably follow them too haha. Thanks, Phoenix!!

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      1. Yeah, I mean I’m not that annoyed if someone posts once a day but it’s a little annoying if they only post book reviews or something. I dunno, I don’t like reading thaaaaat many book reviews. Haha yeah otherwise I feel guilty because they’re spending so much time on my blog!

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  4. I agree with all of these! Especially about the variety part. If everything’s about books in a particular blog, it’ll be really boring. And yeah, posting regularly is also important. If a blogger posts only 2/3 times a month, who will wanna follow them? And awesome post, btw!!!!

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