My Top 8 Favorite Fantasies

Fantasy has always been a favorite genre of mine. From Percy Jackson to Children of Blood and Bone, I read it all. Maybe you want some good YA (and MG) fantasy, maybe you just want to compare our tastes, but here are my top 10 Favorite Fantasies (in no particular order):

Ah, 4th and 5th grade me would be proud. Despite the fact reading this series years ago, I still love it. Love the hilarious Percy, strong Annabeth, sweet Grover.

Six of Crows is such a good book. I read it a while ago, yet still am searching up fan art. You can’t just help but be obsessed with the books. Also, the TV show is coming out soon and I am SO EXCITED.

I absolutely LOVED this. The story, the world-building, the characters. It was all just phenomenal. I’m definitely going to be reading more of Sabaa Tahir in the future.

This HAD to be on the list. I really enjoyed this trilogy and shipped the characters so hard. Jude was such a strong heroine, Cardan was so complex and I learned to love him, Locke I really liked, and even Madoc, he was so interesting.

This was so so amazing. The first couple chapters were slow, but then it became a 5 star read (In the end I rated it 4.5 stars). I loved Elisabeth and Nathaniel and Silas. And also, look at that gorgeous cover.

Despite the 2nd book not being nearly as good as the first, Children of Blood and Bone is such a rich and full of culture book, with characters you gotta root for.

I think I just was in a bad mood when reading this. Because I stopped for a couple days because either I didn’t feel like it, or I just didn’t like it, and then I read it again and loved it. How did I not love Haven and Bell when I read it the first time? How did this not capture my attention just like that?

I really liked this book. Celeana was a cool character, I really like Chaol and Dorian. (Even after reading until Queen of Shadows, I don’t get why people hate Chaol). This book was really entertaining, though the later books may not be appropriate for some people.

So that’s it! Do you agree with me about these? What else should I have added?

6 thoughts on “My Top 8 Favorite Fantasies”

  1. ahh there are so many amazing books on this list!! throne of glass, the cruel prince, percy jackson, and six of crows will be forever favourites for me too!! i’m in the middle of reading children of blood and bone, so i’m interested as to how it’s going to turn out!! i love this post 💖

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  2. This was such a fun post! I’ve read most of the books on the list and I have to agree with you! Aaah, Percy Jackson will always be a childhood favorite for everyone haha. And I’m glad you enjoy Children of Blood and Bone, it was so good! I totally agree that book 2 was nowhere NEAR as good as book one. Hoping that 3 is better! Yeah, I really liked Sorcery of Thorns as well, it was so fun to read a book about magical books haha! And just…Silas…Idk I loved Silas.

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